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Enough is enough! It’s time to stop attacking working people.

Corporate CEOs and the wealthy special interests cannot stop us from banding together and forming unions to make our lives better.

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Maya Walker

Maya Walker, CA

As the library technician at Hayward High School, I get the opportunity to work with students and teachers every day. It’s my responsibility to ensure that our library has the books, resources and materials that not only help students succeed in school and life, but also reflect the diversity of our students.

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Reagan Duncan

Reagan Duncan, CA

As a Kindergarten and first grade teacher at Maryland Elementary School, I get to work with wonderful students and their families who come from all walks of life. At my school, 89% of our students are English learners, and just as many are low socioeconomic status families receiving free and reduced lunch.

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Peter MacKinnon (002)

Peter MacKinnon, MA

I am a child protective supervisor with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and I see the work my colleagues and I do as the frontline for children’s safety in our state. I chose to pursue a career in social work because I care deeply about helping families provide safe homes for children.

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Stronger Unions Are the Way to Rebalance Our Economy

Thousands of Americans who work in fast-food restaurants walked off their jobs for a day again earlier this month, once more disrupting breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours in neighborhoods around the country.

Their strikes have provoked a broad debate over minimum wage levels at local and national levels, which is long overdue.

But that’s just part of what this movement is about. From the beginning, the fast-food cashiers and cooks who launched the “Fight for $15” declared that they have a vision for how they can turn their jobs into work that sustains their families and frees them from depending on public assistance: a union.

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Who’s Behind Friedrichs?

The American Prospect

By: Adele M. Stan

As the current term of the U.S. Supreme Court opens this autumn, looming on the docket is Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a case designed to decimate public-sector unions. While it may not come to that—even the most knowledgeable Court-watchers are unsure how the justices will rule—the stakes are high. A decision is expected before the term ends in June.

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What’s at stake with the ‘Friedrichs’ case

A few weeks ago, I started an online petition to a group called the Center for Individual Rights — an organization backed by the Koch brothers, other right-wing 1 percenters, and even white supremacists — to tell them to stop attacking working people and our right to join a union.

I wasn’t shocked when over 100,000 people signed my petition, and I wasn’t shocked at the response my brothers and sisters got from the Center for Individual Rights when they tried to deliver the petition signatures today.

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