Dovard Howard, CA

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DovardHoward1 (2)When you think about your tap water, the word union probably doesn’t come to mind. But in many municipalities across the country, the people making sure we have safe and clean drinking water are public service employees.

I have worked as a Certified Control Systems Technician for a decade, following service with the Army in the Persian Gulf. Many of my coworkers have been here just as long or longer; we take pride in our work and take our responsibility to the community very seriously. That’s why I am a proud member of AFSCME Local 1902. The union makes sure I have the working conditions I need, along with good pay and benefits to support my family.

It is my job to make sure that the public has safe drinking water. There is no room for any mistakes. That’s why I am deeply concerned that this Supreme Court case threatens the ability of the skilled and dedicated people I work with have a say about their futures and stand together for better wages and benefits that can sustain their families. As a conservative, I see how out of balance America already is. And as a veteran, it’s especially disappointing to see that no one stands up for average Americans these days. It’s hard enough for ordinary people to get by, let alone get ahead, and this case would only make that worse.