Bobby Jones, NH

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Bobby JonesI have been in law enforcement for 27 years because I believe in serving my community and making New Hampshire a better place to live for everyone.

As a Police Dispatch Supervisor, I am responsible for making sure that law enforcement officials who respond to the scene of a crime understand the nature of the incident. I am also responsible for coordinating with courts and officers to effect warrant arrests.

The Dispatchers I work with are extremely important in the effort to maximize the Department’s ability to respond to murders, domestic violence, burglaries and vandalism. Our training, working conditions and equipment are essential to saving lives and protecting our communities.

Through my union, which represents sworn officers as well as non-sworn officers, we have negotiated together for increased training that keeps officers and community members safe, and also helps foster better relationships with the people we serve.

Despite the high-stress and often dangerous situations we encounter on a daily basis, having a voice at work has helped our department maintain the lowest turnover rate in New Hampshire because we maintain, develop and train the best. If you undermine that voice, you undermine the service our community counts on and deserves.