Renee Aguilar, AK

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Renee AguilarAs an Emergency Preparedness Planning Coordinator at the Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services, my job is to make sure Alaskans are prepared to respond to and prevent large-scale disasters.

Working with government agencies, first responders like EMS and Fire Fighters, and community partners, my colleagues and I form a Crisis Health Action Team. We coordinate disaster responses to mass casualty situations and medical emergencies like an Ebola outbreak.

For 17 years, I have made it my calling to protect Alaskans from the unique and sometimes dangerous elements and conditions we face here in our state. As a union member, I have stood together with my colleagues at work to make sure that we, as frontline public service employees, maintain a strong voice on the job in order to speak up for measures that keep first responders and the public safe.

Our work is high-stress and requires the best training available in order to save lives. The right of frontline employees to speak up together for training and equipment is a matter of public safety and needs to be protected. This is especially important when budget cuts threaten our capacity to respond, train, and educate for the good of the public.

We love our work and our communities and need a voice to protect and serve for the good of all Alaskans.